Today, massage is not just for pampering and simple relaxation. Massage therapy improves circulation which increases blood flow and brings fresh oxygen to the body's tissues. This can assist the elimination of waste products, speed up healing after an injury, and enhance recovery from an illness. It improves range of motion and increases endorphins, the body's natural pain killers.

People find that therapeutic massage can help a range of medical conditions, including but not limited to the following: Spine/Disc Issues, Arthritis (both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Sciatica, TMJ dysfunction, Whiplash and other injuries from car accidents, sports, and work related injuries. The benefits of massage are endless and can help relieve pain, ease stress, allow you to enjoy life in a better way! See below for treatments offered:

Deep Tissue Massage:

This technique  of bodywork utilizes increased pressure and more focused strokes on the area of the body that have chronic pain and muscle tension. The deep pressure and friction applied acroos the gran of the muscle will breakdown the adhesions that will restore normal movement,and increase circulation  with in the stressed area.

$35 - 30 minute session

$65 - 60 minute session

Swedish Massage:

A therapeutic treatment created to promote relaxation by warming and releasing muscle tension from the muscles while calming  the mind, This massage can be done with a variety of pressure depending on the clients needs.

$35 - 30 minute session

$65 - 60 minute session

$95 - 90 minute session

Pregnancy Massage:

A gentle massage provides relaxation to a mother to be. Specially designed pillows, proper positioning ensure comfort and safety for the mother and baby. This massage will help relieve stress on weight bearing joint and reduce neck and back pain while also relieving mild edema.

$65- 60 minute session

Hot Stone Massage:

An authentic treatment incorporation hands-on massage techniques and heated therapeutic stones. The heat of the stones refines the benefits of massage by warming the muscles and joints while generating a deeper state of relaxation 

$65 - 60 minute session

$95 - 90 minute session

Couples Massage

Two therapist will provide a massage of your choice side by side with a loved one or a friend.

$130- 60 minute

$190 -90 minute

On site Seated Chair Massage

. Body Balance can provide services wether your having an employee appreciation day, a golfing or sporting event or just a girls gathering. Massage Therapy always proves to be a luxurious bonus to any event no matter how large or small.

Rates vary on size of party ,time and travel.